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Management consulting and

Affinity Analyzing Workshops

This specific service is designed to analyze, confront, and identified problems and needs within the whole organization or within a department. We provide customized solutions to all clients. We run workshops for companies and organisations using Affinity Analyzing Methodology to precise identified problems in a organization, a organizations needs for qualifications and identified problems in a organizations performance.

Depend on the needs and how complex the situation is, we run from one to three days


The workshops are run by European experienced and qualified workshop moderator.

Building Inspections


INSPECT Consulting is a professional Building and Home Inspection Company. We deliver professional inspection services for Real Estate Companies, Building Owners, Tenants, Building administrations, Facility Management companies, Institutions and others.

INSPECT Consulting have main focus on Villas, Apartments, Apartment buildings and Institutions and offering both full inspections and more specific inspections.

An Building/home inspection will be a combination of Visual inspection (covering inspection of Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Windows, Doors, Kitchen/bathroom installations) and inspections using different measurement instruments.

INSPECT Consulting using the following instruments while delivering building inspections:

INFRARED THERMAL CAMERA  to locate water leaks and canalization leaks or blockades.

Infrared thermal imaging allows an inspector to see temperature differentials that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If there is a wet area next to a dry area there will be a temperature difference between the two areas.  Using an infrared camera will help us find wet areas to detect roof, wall, and plumbing leaks.

Furthermore with an infrared camera we can detect overheating electrical switches, outlets, and circuit breakers, all of which has the potential to create a fire.


TEMPERATURE HUMIDITY METER to measure and check the indoor climate in a building/home. Temperature Humidity Meter helps an inspector to measure the percent of humidity in a building.

The humidity percent is an important factor for healthy living and with this instrument the inspector can measure both the humidity, the dew point temperature and the wet bulb temperature, important factors for healthy living and to prevent condensation on wall's which can lead to mold and  damage in the building materials.


MOISTURE METER to measure the moisture level in different building materials. The Moisture Meter helps an inspector to measure the level of moisture to support both the Infrared Thermal Camera and the Temperature Humidity Meter by check the actual level of moisture in e.g. floors and walls.


PIPE INSPECTION CAMERA to inspect pipes and canalisations in a building. The Pipe Inspection Camera helps an Inspector to check  for leaks, blockages or collapsed canalisations pipes.

Inspections will be described in a detailed inspection report with recommended actions to be taken.

Inspections  is carried out by experienced and qualified European inspector.

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