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About us

INSPECT Consulting fze

INSPECT Consulting fze is a Building Inspection and Management Consulting company based in Ajman, UAE and offer services in the field of Building Inspections,  Management Consulting, Seminar organizing and Affinity Analyzing workshops.

Our Building Inspection Services have main focus on Villas, Apartments, Apartment buildings and Institutions. Our services cover both full standard visual inspection and more specialized Inspections. Our focus are deliver our services to Real Estate Companie's, Building owner's, Tenant's, Building Administration's, Facility Management Companies', Institutions  etc.

A building/home inspection is needed e.g. before hand over a villa or apartment to new owner/tenant; For continuing check up on a buildings needs of maintenance; When problems with hidden water installations and sewer canalization, Indoor Climate problems

Inspections are carry out by qualified European Building Inspector with many years professional experience.

Our Management consulting focus is mainly SME's, public organizations, School Management etc.

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